A few questions:
-My sis and dad keep arguing over stiff fins or flexible fins as being better. Is there really a difference or is it just personal preferrence? I’ve been happy with my US Divers flexible ones, but should I consider going stiff finned?
-What do you think about the fins that have holes in them? When I first saw these, I thought it was a joke and that it would increase drag, but they seem to be booming on the market.
-What brands do you use? What brands do you like/prefer or would want if price didn’t matter?
-What are some of your favorite dive sites? I prefer snorkel because it’s cheaper and easier to move in the water. The Caymen Islands has been my favorite place for diving so far, but I’m going to Hawaii in a few days, so it may change.
-What can I do about fins that are a little too big? They are shoe style (no strap) and stay on ok, but I almost lost them to a big wave once(Yeah I made the mistake of judging the size in the store). I want to lose the extra space.

Hey, if you’re happy with your fins then those are the right ones for you! I don’t personally like vented fins, I like a good stiff blade like the tusa tri-ex, but that’s just me. I live if Florida and really like the diving off of Jupiter. You can get rid of the extra space in you fins by wearing neoprene socks beneath them. Hopefully that covered everything.