I live in Arkansas…i know….i know… but I am really interested in learning to scuba dive and I want to go sky diving at least once…What do I need to buy? I don’t want to go into this scuba thing not knowing and then get taken for a ride and pay a lot of money I don’t need to pay. any suggestions? I really don’t even know what I’m looking for in a tank, a class, or even what kind of fins I need to scuba dive.

For scuba, you want a beginner’s class run by a PADI, the worldwide group that certifies & trains divers and instructors.

The link below is to the main PADI page. There should be a link to find a dive center near you. (There are a couple in AR.)

The PADI instructors I’ve met are great with "newbies". They’ll explain all about equipment, etc. Once you decide you like the class, you’ll likely want your own mask, snorkel, and fins. Your instructor will tell you what to look for.

Good luck!!!