I need to replace my old fins and am looking for something mid-range in price. I’d rather not break the bank on a pair of fins, but want them to last me a long time. The type of diving I normally do is wrecks and reef diving, not usually a lot of current to fight but I’d like to be prepared for anything.

I’d appreciate any name brands I should go with or even a model type that you would recommend!

Like any piece of equipment, ask 10 people what the "best" fin is and you’ll get 11 different answers. I usually go to Scuba Diving magazine’s ScubaLab reports when looking for gear recommendations because they at least seem to have a documented testing criteria that they apply when reviewing equipment. You can find fin reviews online at


They don’t provide reviews of every fin available but they will give you a range of different fins and (at least on older reviews, like this one from 2007 http://www.scubadiving.com/gear/accessories/18-new-fins ) relative strength & weaknesses.

Good luck with your search.