been wanting to try scuba diving for years, but i don’t have any idea what gear i should have. is there any specific gear i should have for tropical waters like in the Philippines? and if you have any helpfull scuba tips for first timers like me. thanks!

If you want to try out SCUBA diving, you can do that inexpensively at a dive shop by signing up for a "Discover SCUBA" class. The shop will provide all of the equipment, some training, and supervision so you can see if you like diving. Then, if you sign up for an Open Water class, many shops will credit some or all of the Discover SCUBA cost toward your OW class fee.

Don’t buy your own equipment until you need to. When you sign up for class, you will be required to purchase your own mask, fins, and snorkel.
I recommend using rental gear for a little while after you first become certified. That way you can try out different styles of BCs, wet suits, and instruments to see what you actually like in the water before you plunk down a chunk of money on your own gear.