I might get certified but im not sure if i can without it. And i don’t know if i can Still scuba dive in Florida with the oil spill here. I might go to St Petersburg again but i don’t want to buy or rent scuba gear and lug it all the way to Florida and not be able to. Please answer.

To be able to scuba dive without supervision you need to be a certified diver. You can get a short introduction to scuba diving without being certified, but you will be under the direct supervision of a scuba instructor for the entire time.

I don’t know if or where scuba diving on the Gulf coast of Florida has been affected by the oil spill. If you are going to be at a location that has been contaminated with oil, I would definitely think it would be inadvisable to go diving in those conditions. However, if you aren’t sure what the conditions are where you are going, you should contact someone at that location to find out instead of relying on rumors which are often incorrect.