I’m going to the moon, and it seems I have loaned out my space suit to a dirty troll.

lol, questions lyk urs deserve a good laugh.

i hope you’re not dillusional. haha

well, imma pretend its true.
okay, so here’s what you do.
1. find that "dirty ol’ troll" and tell him that you need your space suit back
2. tell him that if he gives you the space suit back, you’ll let him have your scuba diving gear..
3. make him believe that he can go swimming under the bridge and scare a lot of people by just POPPING out of the water(:
4. he should give you your space suit back && then you can give him your scuba diving gear.

Note: quickly run away, due to the fact that troll’s are verious mischievious and may try to snab you back for the trade.