Shouldn’t it look like this one? I felt like I’m in Little River but walking instead of flying through a passage with hissing regulator in my mouth. In the cave shown to me by Citracaver it sounds and senses differently from what we experience during underwater scuba cave excursions. It also requires some other than cave diving gear . There were no birds of cause- just a lonely sleepy bat but his brothers were chirping well as you can hear on soundtrack 🙂 It was no gold guideline down there either but there was a seasoned caver descend rope. We managed to use our DIY 50W HIDs xenon video lights before they fried my polypropylene test-tubes. Being non-cooled by outboard water test tubes finally melted after 30 mins of burning.

GPS location is offset. Cave is on private property.

Duration : 0:8:19

[youtube X4APmiLeFH4]