Going Scuba diving today in British Columbia, It’s been about 10 years since I’ve done a cold water dive, when I used to dive here I used a dry Suit… Since I’m renting gear and going with a newer diver we are just going to use wet suits. I am 195lb male how much weight would be a best guess I was thinking 35lbs but I’m unsure…

Thanks for input!

In B.C. you’re likely diving a 7mm double. 35 pounds is a bit much. I’d start at 24 and work your way up in increments of two pounds I bet you’ll need about 28 until you float at eyeball level with the air out of your BC but you’re better to go light than heavy since this is a fist trip out in awhile for you.
Your body weight means nothing. Your body type does. No fat and all muscle and bone requires less lead. Big chubby fella and you actually need a little more lead since generally your buoyancy is more for the same body mass.

36 pounds plus 3 pounds in ankle weights are what I use for my dry suit, not wet suit so you see why you’d be over weighted.