How do i get started in scuba diving?
I’m planning on learning to scuba dive but have no idea how much it would cost.
All the details i can get would really help.
Thanks =)

Looks like Scubaworld and Portulano are the closest dive centers to Batangas. I’ll paste both websites below.

Scubaworld is a five star dive center which means they’ve been in business for some time and have passed certain quality standards.
Unfortunately, neither site gives pricing. You probably need to email them for rates. Ask about a group class (usually cheaper).

Generally speaking, open water certification costs between $300 – $500 including everything. As you mentioned in your question there’s often a gear rental fee, tuition, books and dives. So, in your email to the dive center I’d word it just like you did here.

Something I’d recommend: try to get your classroom stuff done before you go. I did my certification in Mexico and I spent about six hours in a classroom reading a book and doing tests. It was lame. You can get all of this out of the way before you leave for your trip. Talk to your local dive center or do one of the online study programs (