Im thinking of starting scuba diving and I was wondering how often I would need to get the gear serviced. Is it like a car the more miles or dives to more often it will need to be checked over and get new hoses etc. I am also thinking of doing the dry suit course and get a dry suit can you tell me how often dry suits need to be serviced.

Thanks for you answer I will pick best answer.

For an average recreational diver, once per year suffices unless something has been damaged through rough or improper handling storage or use.
Your tank will undergo a mandatory visual inspection once per year. Can’t get it filled without a current sticker. Hydo tests are less frequent at every 5 years but if the hydro is about to lapse…it needs to be tested and pass.
The rest of your gear will suffer wear and tear. You just need to be vigilant and watch for potential problems before your dives. Things like fin straps, knife sheath straps and mask straps tend to be the first casualties in gear. You’ll notice an issue well before any of these break.
Dry suit service is pretty rare. There’s not much to them. You usually only take them in for repair on an obvious issue such as a torn seal or you’ve decided to swap out the boots or upgrade a neo seal to latex. The rest of the maintenance on them isn’t rocket science. Dump valves ( unless they are ripped right off or the base damaged) are easy for an owner to maintain or replace as needed. The zipper can be waxed by the owner as well. Minor holes can even be owner repaired.