I’m planning on swimming with Great White Sharks, but I don’t know if a recyclable condom would need any protection or not…?
I never really needed protection before, so is it really necessary?
I mean, all the other normal condoms don’t.. They’ll all mock me if I do(Those non Biodegradable bastards).
So, my question is:
Do you think a recyclable condom is strong enough to swim with the sharks, protection-free?
Joey – I’m part of the recyclable condom race. I would appreciate it, if you showed me some respect.
Everyone I do not wear condoms, because I AM the condom. A recyclable one at that. 😉
jims mom – Being born without a brain will do that to people.
La_rose_noire – Holy FUCKING SHIT! Those beasts are a recyclable condom’s worst nemesis! D’:

Burn themmmmm. D’:

Since the water is filled with sea men……A condom is good idea