I’ve been scuba diving for over 25 years now and now I sell scuba gizmos at ScubaBasics.com. I need to clarify this so the article doesn’t lose its message. Yes, not only I sell Scuba Equipments I also passionately follow diving.

Since diving is becoming popular in the main stream of society, beginner divers struggle with how to purchase their first rig of scuba gear. I desire to share my thoughts about it. You are about to get scuba equipment that will sustain your life while you are deep in water. Do NOT buy or use scuba diving rig that has not been serviced or reviewed by a accredited individual. It is not worth gambling with your life to save some dollar. Please do not take this statement lightly.

You can get overwhelmed when purchasing scuba gear for the first time, especially when there are so many selections to choose from. You can get distracted from what is really important when purchasing your scuba kit. Haven’t you seen this before. A new diving enthusiast enters the diving store and stares at the wall of Mask, Snorkel and fins and their eyes kind of glaze over.

The truth is, getting scuba gadgets is not that difficult if you stay focused on what’s needed. You need to remember that no matter what other divers say, it is your equipment and it needs to perform for your style of diving. Don’t allow your purchase be determined by trivial things like color availability. I guarantee the fish really don’t care if you are color coordinated or not.

In this series of articles, I’ll challenge you to concentrate on how you will use your equipment and stay focused on what’s important to achieve a safe and enjoyable dive.

In the next article, I will discuss the number one doubt. What should I need to buy first?