I was going to take a SCUBA diving course over the summer, and i was wondering if it is fun, and if it is something good to do over the summer. Also, is it worth the money, because the course is like £300
Finally, what can i expect on the first lesson, as i dont want to be stuck in a room all day learning about the equipment, on the first lesson, will i get to go in the pool with all the gear on?

There are many different ways to get certified. You can do a 2 or 3 day intensive course and be done with it, or you can stretch it out . A lot of places offer private lessons too, so you can learn on your own schedule. Talk to your local dive center or dive resort and they will explain their courses and schedule. You can look up dive centers/resorts on the websites for any of the major certifying agencies.

I’m PADI certified and my class met for a couple hours at the shop on Tuesday evenings to go over our assigned reading material and take the required quiz; and Thursday evenings at the pool for hands-on learning. It was a 4 week course. Then there are the 4 required "check-out" dives in open water that follow completion of the class/pool dives.

I think its total BS to say that the certifying agencies only want your money. In any class I’ve taken there have been plenty of instructors/dive masters around to give you individual attention when you need it. These guys all have day jobs, they’re not making their living off of you. Think about it – all divers are certified through an agency, including the instructors who will someday be your diving buddies. It is absolutely their #1 goal to make sure you are comfortable and knowledgable about what you’re doing in the water.

Sure you can spend $3000 on equipment but you definitely don’t have to. Most courses require you to have your own mask and snorkel (because of fit) and they provide the rest. Once you are certified you can rent all the equipment you need when you need it. The shop here will totally outfit you for an entire weekend for $50.