For the first time, I used my own personally owned SCUBA gear to dive. I was diving for several weeks in salt water, and then returned home. I probably will not be diving again for several months, how should I store my BC and reg?

As soon as possible after leaving salt water you ought to have thoroughly rinsed it with fresh water. That’s rule #1 with any dive gear when used in salt. The BC bladder itself ought to have been drained and then flushed with fresh water as well, then drained again. Some people add an anti bacterial agent in that last bladder rinse, some don’t. Up to you. Leave the bladder partially inflated, so that the lining inside doesn’t stick together.Stowage is best done with a proper hangar in a cool, dry area of your house and out of direct sunlight. Your Reg set ought to be coiled properly with the first stage stopper in place and also in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight after a proper fresh water rinse with the reg set under pressure from a tank for that rinse. A habit that you ought to take up after any dive, fresh or salt water is gently cracking your tank valve after undoing your yolk or din, to blow any water out of the area before placing your first stage stopper on the first stage. Do it easy or you may lose the tank valve O ring ( you have several in your save a dive kit, right?). This keeps H2O out of your first stage filter. Some filters are synthetic…some aren’t. If you see green in there…take the regs in for service. You got water in the first stage for sure. Doing all this post dive and while the regs are pressurized will ensure nothing ought to back up from the second to the first stage and allows a good cleaning of the diaphragm in the second stages ( don’t forget the octo). Allow both reg set and BC to dry before storage and all will likely be ready to rock when you need them. It’s always a good idea to have both checked prior to reintroducing them back into service so keep that in mind before their next use after an extended stowage period.