Commercial/Scuba Gear Clean, waxed, exercised, folded, Federally approved, ready to go! w/heavy drying hangers. Bought brand new from Aqua Tech. Dive Center. For classes as a student, at College of Oceaneering.
1)Commercial wet suit Akona Black 13mm two piece suit 6.5mm farmer johns alligator padded knees and 6.5mm top piece padded elbows, nice temp. control/fit for a 6 200lbs man. Paid $270.00/$130.00
2)Gear bag Akona Black/orange wet/dry with plenty of pockets on rollers w/extendable handle. Padded protective cases for regulators/instrumentation, water bottle, List for $240.00..sell for $120.00
3)Jet Fins ScubaPro Black triple vented $110.00/$50.00
4)Dive boots Black steel toe, vent drilled, size 13 $20.00/$10.00
5)Dive booties Black Deep See 5mm neoprene $29.00/$10.00
6)Hood Black Xcel 3~5mm pull over $39.00/$15.00
7)Weight belt Black soft neoprene comfort fit $30.00/$15.00
8)Lead shot 29 lbs $120
9)Face mask Black/ Steel chrome U.S. Divers new still in hard case never used, side glass portals $15.00
10)$ 485.00 Total
11)This week only all for only $200.00!!

Bill 619-338-8153

Duration : 0:2:40

[youtube DkrT5Adebnk]