Are you looking for a special Christmas gift for your special someone? If so, why not consider a trip to Jamaica? Jamaica is the land of fun and sun; it is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. There is no better way to plan a romantic getaway to Jamaica than by offering it as a Christmas surprise.

A nice as it is to surprise your romantic partner with a special trip to Jamaica, it is important to know the planning that is involved. Large trips can be difficult to arrange, but you need to use caution if you intend to keep yours a surprise. Continue reading on for a few helpful tips.

The surprise. It is best to surprise your special someone with a trip to Jamaica for a Christmas present, but you may want to spend the holidays at home. What you can do is present your romantic partner with the receipt for your payment, airline tickets and so forth.

Dates of travel. It is with your dates of travel that you may experience some trickiness. If you know that your partner has upcoming vacation time available, ask them to request the time off. Let them know you are planning a trip, but keep the destination secret or select a destination to keep them distracted. For example, you can select vacationing on a beach in Florida. This way if your husband or wife gets excited about beautiful weather and beaches, they will not be disappointed on Christmas morning when your destination is Jamaica.

In keeping with dates of travel, if you are unable to decide on dates of travel without first speaking with your partner, you can still surprise them. Save money for the trip and research Jamaica all-inclusive resorts. Even without a solid date of travel, you can still plan a good percentage of your trip. This way when you break the surprise, all you and your partner need to do is decide on a date of travel.

Passports. A passport is required to enter Jamaica from the United States. If your romantic partner or spouse does not have a valid passport, it is a good idea to travel at least two months after Christmas. This gives time to order a passport and for it to arrive. Any earlier and you may need to disclose your surprise before Christmas morning so that the proper documents can be acquired.

Choosing a resort. As previously stated, you should research all-inclusive Jamaica resorts when planning your Christmas surprise. All-inclusive Jamaica resorts are better than traditional hotels, as you get much more in return. Not only that, but they make planning a trip to Jamaica easy. Most all-inclusive and super-inclusive resorts include your room, drinks, food, tips, and entertainment in with your stay. This means that one reservation will plan and pay for most of your trip in advance.

All-inclusive resorts come highly rated and recommend. Most are considered upscale or luxury resorts, although you wouldn’t be able to tell from the price. It is common to find beachfront resorts with onsite swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, and easy beach access. When choosing a resort, examine activities that you and your partner enjoy together. Some resorts include the cost of wind surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and golf in with your stay.

So, what is it that makes Jamaica the perfect destination for a surprise romantic getaway? A lot. Honestly, it depends on who you ask. Some claim Jamaica is perfect because of its warm, tropical weather. Others claim it is because of the beautiful beaches. And, others claim its popularity is due it is selection of all-inclusive luxury resorts. Regardless of the decision, a surprise trip to Jamaica will be the Christmas present your partner will always remember and cherish.

As previously stated, you can present your special someone with airline tickets or proof of payment for a Jamaica all-inclusive resort. If you are waiting to make your travel plans, take a unique approach. In a box, put sunscreen, a new bathing suit, scuba diving goggles, and so forth.

If you like the sound of surprising your spouse or romantic partner on Christmas with a trip to Jamaica, visit There, you will find a large selection of luxury, yet affordable all-inclusive resorts.

Fred Mallery