I don’t mean like a part time thing, I want a career. One that pays quite well and is really fun. Traveling to cool places and diving on the reefs. Something in recreational diving is probably what I would want. Still well paying, though.

Recreational Diving + Well-Paying is hard to find. You could work as a dive instructor, but don’t expect to make $60k+ a year. The only folks that make this kind of money are course directors (folks who teach people to be instructors).

That said, your credentials as a dive instructor can open doors to other, better paying gigs. Check out the link below. It’s a smattering of dive instructor jobs along with other opportunities like working for NASA, The Smithsonian, etc.

The best way to go is get your instructor credentials (PADI is the most widely accepted) and pair it with something else: a marine biology degree, experience shooting/editing underwater video, get your captain’s license, etc.