I am thinking a wrist mounted version (not regulator mounted) so that I can travel light. Is the Oceanic Veo 100 any good?

I asked this same question on DiversOne.com and I have received many answers. Here they are.

Thomas Sergent at 10:09am July 10
Can I suggest a Citizen Promaster Aqualand watch digital version. Not only can it record up to 4 dives ( avg depth.max depth,start & finish times, temp) but you can also wear it 24/7 as opposed to sitting in your dive bag most of the time

Garry Rogers at 10:55am July 10
Sunnto makes some nice one’s like the D6

Cathy Hsiao at 2:30pm July 10
I have Oceanic GEO, it’s not expensive and have all the function you need for recreational diving, I love it.

Hallo Dave, I am using an ALLADIN for about 8 years. Wrist mounted and light weight, so easy for holidays and it only do want you want from a computer.
batteries are working for about 5 years. price not to expencive.

Oceanic has relaxed mandatory pricing on it’s Veo Wrist Mount Computer. It is currently frikkin’ less expensive than a host of comparable gauges.

I always loved my Oceanic computer – very easy to read and program. I have since moved to Alladin which is good but it took me a little while to get used to it. Good call on using a wrist mount, btw.

Last one…
Whatever the brand, make sure it is water activated. This way you will never descend with a computer that isnt on.