As Fiji natives say, Bula or Welcome to Fiji!

This country is truly one of the most friendly countries on earth, considering in 1789 it was well known to a cautious Captain William Bligh and passing ships as the land of cannibals.

Fiji is made up of over 333 beautiful, exotic, tropical islands in the South Pacific. We will visit four different dive destinations, all off the main island of Viti Levu. We will dive the reefs off Wananavu where we will see vibrant, multicolored soft corals and over 1,200 species of fish. We will visit a native Fijian village for a ceremonial dance and be served their native drink called Kava.

After a walk through the jungle and swim in a heart shaped pool and waterfall, its on to tour the Naia, a Fiji live-aboard boat. After we tour the Castaway Island Resort, across from where Tom Hanks made his famous movie, we will dive the colorful reefs where we will see Lionfish and Blue Ribbon Eels.

Then, we will visit the famous Beqa Lagoon where we will go on an exciting mega shark feeding adventure.

Join us too, for our helicopter tour of the dense rainforest and jungles with magnificent cascading waterfalls in this picturesque country that only Fiji can provide. Vinaka (thank you).

Sit back and enjoy one of Dive Travels most exotic locations ever, and the very first show in our series shot exclusively in HD wide screen.

Duration : 0:0:33

[youtube X5SAUv6pIHo]