Enjoy a HD nature film shot at amazing Panglao Island in the Philippines with Bohol Beach Club.

When you have just a week or 2 at the most for a vacation, why not make it a spectacular yet affordable one in the World’s center of marine bio-diversity and bio-density. And that’s just underwater, wait till you see the same bio-diversty and culture on land!

Significantly exceeding even the Great Barrier Reef, the Philippines has 6 time more fish species and 10 times more hard and soft coral varieties than the Caribbean, earning the Philippines the slogan; The Mount Everest of macro critter photography”.

We call the Philippines “Macro without the Muck™” although the Philippines boasts regions where large pelagic encounters like whale sharks and thresher sharks are all but guaranteed.

Eco, dive and tourist travel is not only far safer in any Philippines destination than any major U.S. city, but it is also far less expensive than the Caribbean too.

The Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking Country with 7,107 Islands to choose from, and has a great road, air and fast ferry infrastructure and a huge Internet social and scuba community. Because of that, the Philippines is really easy find out about and network with locals online, and really easy and inexpensive to travel to and explore.

Duration : 0:16:29

[youtube 0DGtfLq-yAs]