There is a destination for people of all preference and a mode to suit every pocket. While a camp in the countryside or the hills could be somebody’s idea of a rejuvenating getaway, others would like to go river rafting, or a jungle safari.

The coastal resorts of the world offer wonderful opportunity to explore the ocean and organizers will ensure you get the time of your life scuba diving, fishing, deep sea swimming or just having plain fun splashing in the saline waves. For some, the time to visit regions of cold climes is winters when they could watch the snowfall and have all the fun they have only dreamt of having.

In a world that’s full of surprises, you just have to name your calling and there would be a destination to make you happy. Head for Switzerland, the basket of nature’s bounty in the lap of the Alps, if mountains excite you; take a trip to the Caribbean if sun, sand and sea are your scene; cover England, France, Italy, Spain and Greece if you are intrigued by history and fascinated by monuments.

More over, half the thrill of holiday trips is in your choice of travel mode. You could fly from one destination to another if in a hurry, or book a space in any of the cruise liners that sail luxuriously slow in the waters of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and any other ocean of the world. The cruise liners are known to pamper the traveler silly and some are even dedicated exclusively to gays and lesbians.

Traveling by train is another luxury and the railway network of Europe and Australia are perfect for a journey on the tracks. Travel by some famous trains like the Orient Express and Palace on Wheels is an experience in itself.

Yet another style of traveling is trekking, in which people abandon all modes of transport and simply scale the track on foot armed with a sleeping bag and food rations. The destination could be anywhere and nowhere. That’s the spirit of traveling and a footloose holiday.

Andrew Stratton