From – Bohol Philippines Travel Guide.

Bohol Philippines is fast becoming one of the top travel destination in Asia. The island offers a wide range of attractions from natural fine white sand beaches, great diving sites, scenic natural sights, old houses, ancient churches, historical sites and wonderful ecotourism highlights.

Bohol’s ecology and natural heritage is one the wonders to see. Only Bohol has a 134-hectare sanctuary for the small tarsiers. Prony is the biggest python in captivity ever known. Birding, dolphin and whale watching and of course diving are popular activities.

The rolling chocolate hills, crystal springs, mangroves, mahogany forests and white sand beaches makes the island one of the most picturesque provinces in the Philippines. Bohol sunsets are ephemeral.

Bohol island is also replete with heritage sites, ancestral homes and some of the best preserved churches of the Philippines.

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