I am doing this kind of exodus adventure for the first time. I am physical fit. Ran a marathon and have camped before. But never planned for a trip by myself. I want to travel like an explorer seeking adventure and thrills from nature. Meet fellow travellers and share stories. I would like to make my trip as inexpensive as possible. A little bit of research shows that Perak and Pahag seem to have lot of activities like caving, mountain climbing and trekking. I am not interested in paying for expensive package guided tours. I am looking for itinerary’s of people who have previously traveled in theses regions as cheap backpackers.

I would really appreciate answers to these questions

– which is the best place to do scuba diving ? how do i contact and negotiate prices with instructor ? i will be doing it for the first time

– which is a good place for mountain climbing ? how do i tie up with fellow climbers who can guide me ?

– which are the popular trekking trails ? how do i manage permits and equipments ?

thanks in advance for friends patiently replying to my queries


You can find and plan your trip thru this website: http://bit.ly/kTbDVv. You might be helpful to you