1. ____________________ cylinders will affect your buoyancy more than ____________, because there is a greater weight difference between a full and empty cylinder.

2. When using the manual control button, extend the __________ ____________ to the highest point in order to get the greatest efficiency in deflation.

3. Many live-aboard dive boats and dive boat opperators now require that each diver have and use ___________ __________ _________ so that they can be more easily seen on the surface for pickup after the dive.

4. When travelling it is recommended to carry an extra _____________, an extra ___________ and ______________ pressure hoses.

5. In the U.S. a cylinder must be hydrostatically tested every __________ ________ and visually inspected every _____________.

Also any information about SCUBA Diving would really help! Thanks! x

With all due respect, you need to be able to answer those questions on your own. Contrary to popular belief, SCUBA diving is not completely safe and the more information you have the safer you’ll be.

Go study and answer them for yourself, it might save your life.
Hope this helps,
ACDE/IMCA Saturation Diver