Turneffe is remote and beautiful with crystal clear waters noted for a parade of marine life. Approximately 30 miles in length and 10 miles wide, the Turneffe Atoll, by itself, offers as much diving area as Grand Cayman, Cozumel, or Bonaire.

Diving Overview: With approximately 60 logged dive sites on the Turneffe Atoll alone, diversity and flexibility describe Turneffe Flats diving. A typical day includes two dives in the morning and a third in the afternoon. Uncrowded is another good description of Turneffe Flats diving as we limit divers to 12 per week. Weather permitting, your week at Turneffe Flats will include a trip to Lighthouse Reef where you will dive the famous Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye Wall ($40 per person entrance fee not included). A night dive is also included.

Sample Dives: There is such a diversity of diving available on the Turneffe Atoll that it is difficult to do justice to all the options. Most of your dives will be from 40-80 feet with the majority being drift dives. On the west side of the atoll, popular dives include The Terrace, which begins in 35-40 feet of water and has a sheer drop-off decorated with Elephant Ear Sponges and bushes of Black Coral. Rendezvous Cut features huge deep-water gorgonians that mark the entrance to a wide sandy chute and a sloping wall decorated with enormous barrel sponges. Eel Gardens is named for the thousands of garden eels that inhabit the area along with razor fish, moray eels and stingrays. A sample of popular dives on the eastern side of the Atoll include Jo Jos Splits with huge coral formations, lots of reef fish and palagics in the deeper water, and The Chutes featuring a spur and groove system alive with marine life, yellow tube sponges and huge barrel sponges. Just minutes north of Turneffe Flats, youll dive a spot called Wonder World, which features a meandering trail of huge coral formations and a dramatic drop off starting at 65 feet. On the southern end of the Atoll, the Elbow is a favorite dive for many guests. The elbow is a drift dive at 60-80 feet. While diving at the Elbow you will see huge schools of permit, horse-eye jack and dog snapper. In addition, you are likely to see eagle rays, sharks, turtles and some pelagics.

A Sample of Our Marine Life The primary reason you want to dive at Turneffe is the abundance and variety of marine life. From the very small to the large, there is plenty to look at. You will see all of the Caribbean reef tropicals as well as a wide variety of larger marine life. You are almost certain to see stingrays, eagle rays, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, moray eels, dolphins, several varieties of sharks, and large schools of permit, snapper, and jacks. If you are lucky, you may also have the opportunity to dive with whale sharks. The abundance of marine life at Turneffe amazes even the most experienced diver.

Weather and Visibility: Surface temperatures average 84? and vary from 75-95? throughout the year. Water temperature varies from 78-82?. Average visibility is around 75-80 feet and can be 100 feet or more. Rarely does inclement weather keep us from diving. Our unique location on the atoll allows us to get to the lee side and out of the wind and waves regardless of wind direction.

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