I am currently living in Stoke-on-Trent but am moving to Oswestry in a few weeks. My boyfriend and I are taking the PADI Discover Scuba course with the Sub-Mission dive centre next week, and I would like to carry on and do further courses once I’ve moved. I’ve looked on the PADI website but it doesn’t appear that there are any diving centers within 25 miles of Oswestry. I will be travelling back to Stoke every weekend anyway, but it would be great if somebody could tell me of somewhere closer so that I can spend more time training! Please help!!!!
Thankyou frazzle! I just had a look at the website and it sounds good to me – however i can’t find any info with regards to a price structure? Or am I being totally blind and am not seeing what’s right in front of my eyes lol?

There’s a local British Sub-Aqua Club in Oswestry that you might like to get in touch with: they won’t run PADI courses of course, but you can easily cross over to BSAC qualifications (they’re highly respected and globally recognised even though they’re not as well-known as PADI.)
And being a diving club, they’ll certainly be well placed with all the insider info on good places to go diving.
Link here: http://www.bsac.org/page/204/west-midlands.htm

Edit: Ah yes, prices! Sorry, no it’s not obvious…
Because the Oswestry bunch are a members’ branch of the BSAC, all your training is free. Instead, you pay an annual membership fee (made up of a levy decided by the individual branch plus £47 which goes to BSAC HQ).
As a member, you get a subscription to Dive magazine, public liability insurance and other things thrown in. Here’s the page with all the various membership benefits listed: http://www.bsac.org/page/11/membership-benefits.htm