Hello there,

I was certified as a PADI Open Water diver three years ago, and I am sorry to say that I have not done another dive since.

I will be traveling with my parents and some more extended family to Oahu, Hawaii this December and I am wondering if there is anyone who can give me any diving information.


-Good places for a beginner, open water diver to dive – I may have a partner, and I may not so if you could suggest some good dive shops that would take me out as a solo person, that would be fantastic.

-Price ranges

-Things that can be seen at different dive sites – I am a huge turtle fan and I am not afraid to experience a shark dive.

-Educational places that I could network with other divers, people involved with marine conservation down in Oahu.

-Fun places to go for educational purposes (ocean life based)

The ocean is my one true love and I want to experience as much educational and fun things that have to do with ocean life in Hawaii. Either as a solo person, or drag my family along. Any fun travel info is also welcome.



Get in touch with a reputable dive shop in the area you are staying in. Most shops offer boat dives where you will dive with 4-5 other people in a group. A typical, two tank boat dive will meet around 7am, get everyone’s gear together and on the boat, get out to dive spot #1 and do the first of two dives. The first is typically deeper/more bottom time. Then you’ll surface, get snacks, and proceed to site #2, which is typically shallower/shorter. A good shop will ask divers what they’re interested in seeing and cater the dive spot to the group (and weather) as much as possible.

A two tank boat dive will usually fall in the $100-135 price range.

This doesn’t cover everything, but hope it helps a little bit. I recommend getting a guidebook (my choice would be Oahu Revealed – the Ultimate Oahu Guidebook from http://www.wizardpub.com – sold at Barnes & Noble) and reading recommendations on dive shops and what to expect and go from there.

Enjoy your trip!