Hey, Im 17, Finished school and have a passion for scuba diving and Underwater Photography and Videography…

I really wanna be a scuba diving instructor, working with people… traveling the world.
What really worries me is that, as I have already started getting my qualifications (currently rescue diver)… and working on a Yachts as a deckhand for money. Is that Being a Dive Master and Instructor will not pay enough for me to earn a decent living, i.e Nice house… car…. support a family etc. I know it seems early to be thinking about this but its just one of those things.

I really need some true stats etc, not just reassurance. Can I live a good life as a Diving Instructor…

I’ve also thought about Commercial Diving, But lets just stick to PADI Dive Instructor for now.

I Hope a ScubaBob answers this lol.

it always depends on how determined and good you are in what you do.
an avarage scuba instructor may not make much money.
Someone that owns a scuba shop in the right location might do just fine.
then there is the option to be a military diver. they pay lots of bonuses
and afterwards you have a good start to pretty much anything despending
diving. there are not many underwater photographers/videographers in the
world. if you are really good at what you do, you could sell your pictures.
National Geographic pays good i heard :o) good luck!