Japan is a wonderful country where tourists and travelers do not hesitate to visit. Central Japan has majestic northern ranges and because of the expanded expressway system, the Nagoya residents do not have worries on traveling. Central Japan has indeed transformed into a more accessible place and it has turned into a haven of all sorts. The huge mountains and hot springs in central Japan are worth visiting. Attractive lakes such as Taneike is near the main road and just ahead of it, the Ohashi trailhead can be seen.

If you wish to hike the mountain ranges of central Japan, you should be ready and take on the adventure with enough determination. The Mie prefecture in central Japan is a wonderful place to be. This is where the Iseya Inn is located. It was originally built for the Emperor of central Japan and it is a wooden building consisting of three-stories. It can shelter seven hundred people and it has large entrances on the left and right wing. If you want to get to central Japan in less than an hour, you should be familiar with the routes.

If you are looking for a place to hike, then you can go to Hachijo-jima, which is located in the southern part in the Izu Island. It is three hundred kilometers away from Tokyo. Many tourists, who want to have a stress-free travel, visit it. There are places in central Japan, which is a good place for diving. The waters near Hachijo-jima are crystal-clear and the boats are few enough so you could enjoy the diving experience. Look for an English-speaking diving master in central Japan to make sure that you would be safe. As a tourist, you are not familiar with all the diving routes and spots in central Japan that is why you should get a diving expert to guide you. The amazing rock formations underneath central Japan will surely be a good diving spot, so why not try it? You will surely enjoy the sight of sea turtles, hammerhead sharks and the variety of marine life out there. There are also many tourist spots in the parts of Nagoya, Aichi and Mei.

Nazumado is one of the most famous scuba spots in central Japan. Sokodo is a black sand beach, which is a good place to dive, or snorkel in. If you have not seen a pufferfish before, this is the place to see those spiky black urchins. Central Japan also has soothing onsens if you are yearning for those hot springs.

After all the hiking and diving, it is time that you rest your muscles for a while. You can choose from a variety of onsen shops to go and check out the Uramigataki, which has a rushing waterfall and a safari-like atmosphere in it. Central Japan is also full of fantastic restaurants to satisfy your appetite. Central Japan also has a wide variety of hotels and accommodations for tourists and travelers. There is the famous Tokyo Hotel but if you are on a tight budget, you can choose to stay at other hotels. For those who are going to stay for months, an apartment would be more economical.

Tomoko Asai