Couple or family to the seaside or in the bush, for business or pleasure, the pleasure of nature, adventure and romance, transferred or cool calm, embark immediately for dream destinations. Sandro, general manager of the agency Wild Discovery, sheds light on the most favored destinations with cheap airline fare


Historically, Lebanon is a great traveler. For holidays or his work, he does not hesitate to fly. A new trend is increasingly that of resorting to travel agencies that offer all-inclusive packages, which respond closely to expectations sophisticate.

For lovers

What are the most favored destinations this summer? “If we talk about honeymoon, there is a certain enthusiasm for the Maldives, for Mauritius, Seychelles, Thailand, Malaysia, the Caribbean … and we are beginning to feel new trends towards the African continent , “Said Sandro.

These romantic destinations fully respond to the atmosphere in which the newlyweds like to bask. The heat of the sun, beaches irresistible, the various activities such as scuba diving to see the sumptuous wrecks covered with corals and sponges and fish and turtles housing, Getaway Sailing, care and massages based marine products … A whole range of services that help welfare lovers …

Starting Family

“With regard to families,” says Saade, the Mediterranean is a popular choice. We speak here of Cyprus, Greek Islands, Morocco, Turkey, Côte d’Azur, Tunisia … Couples have a predilection for Europe: Prague, Budapest, Vienna …, for Central America “.

Cyprus is actually an oasis of relaxation, water and sun for maximum relaxation. Le Meridien Limassol incorporates the only thalassotherapy center interior / exterior of the Mediterranean. Each of the four outdoor pools and three indoor pools has its salinity, temperature and use. This destination is also an ideal spot to observe the seabed exception sublime Byzantine monasteries high poles or hiking in the mountains of Toodos interesting ride for family trips.

In Morocco, where the family adventure for you, you have the choice between a Méharée between dunes, oases and palm groves, the discovery of the most secret of southern Morocco, and the Draa Valley and Dades gorges to Todra , Through the dunes Chegaga, where villages have kept their authenticity … The whole two hours of daily treks on foot or by 4×4, accessible to children as young as six years. Fes and Marrakech, imperial cities, are dreaming. Feel free to explore the valley of roses, from which the greatest perfumes. Your can find cheap airline tickets to morocco in our website.

He added Mr. Saade: “China is attracting more passengers. It is a civilization that passion and that few Lebanese know. This destination that attracts a wide clientele is characterized by its legendary cities, its magnificent views, its culinary arts, traditions and the magic of its modern cities. “

Travel agency: tailor-made services

In terms of services today, customers no longer buy a ticket and hotel packages. They prefer to entrust a professional agency with the task of organizing their stay. The advantage of agencies is the know-how, the selection of hotels that meet the expectations of each client, ancillary services that can only travel. Considering the competition, current agencies in the market trying to offer the best benefits. Thus, for example, Wild Discovery, one of the most dynamic travel agencies in the market, selects nearly every product before selling to the customer in order to offer the best.

“We have on the market, said Mr. Saade, the widest choice of products and destinations. Indeed, this is reflected in the consistency of our Summer 2007 brochure that offers a selection of over sixty destinations worldwide with products that can be customized to customer requirements. Our advice to avoid unpleasant surprises is that the client shall apply to serious signs that have already proved their worth on the market and may, in case of problems, to help effectively and more soon “.
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To travel safely

Few things you should know for traveling, enjoy holidays, save time, save money and avoid unpleasant surprises.

-Sooner is better. Indeed, do you well in advance to book your stay and plan your vacation. It means at least three months in advance, but always take care to take out cancellation insurance, given the political instability which lives in Lebanon and that could force you to cancel your stay.

-Choose a travel agency that has a good experience planted. Advantage? It allows you to compose your own package depending on your budget, your tastes and aim at holidays. This also allows you to avoid sacred surprises that can ruin your vacation, if, for example, where you book a hotel room in an you do not know!

-Before you buy a package, it is imperative to review that includes (or not) the price: taxes, insurance activities. Feel free to compare offers and choose not necessarily the cheapest, but for one that best matches your expectations. The all-inclusive formulas are very popular. The global service includes cheap flight, transfers, the hotel but also the activities and some meals.

-Don ‘t Do not hesitate to use the prepaid cards. For some time, partnerships bank weave around the world for reduced rates or even free withdrawals abroad. This saves you from having cash that could be stolen or lost. If you do anyway, exchange your money against the currency of the country of destination in Lebanon, not to lose at the exchange rate.

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