Everyone needs a vacation, and the town of Hurghada along the eastern seaboard of Egypt is quickly becoming a popular destination for Egyptians and international visitors alike. Hurghada vacations are usually initiated by an interest in scuba diving, because this area of the world famous “Red Sea Riviera” provides enthusiasts and novices alike with some of the world’s finest diving conditions and scenery.

Over the past twenty years however, Hurghada vacations have also become popular due to the wide range of hotels and resorts being built in the area. Of course, a surge in visitation has also created a wide variety of fascinating shops, restaurants and activities in addition to the excellent scuba and snorkeling in the waters around Hurghada.

Outdoor enthusiasts can take Hurghada vacations to enjoy riding a “quad” or ATV in the desert areas surrounding the town; they also can partake of the excellent swimming, boating and diving in the safe and sparkling waters as well.

The region is also home to the remaining Bedouin tribes, and many people make a point of visiting these friendly people and purchasing some of their beautifully made goods, or of enjoying a cup of locally brewed “chai” tea with them.

For those interested in taking desert journeys during their Hurghada vacations, the town is not far from some of the oldest monasteries in the world; most of which are open for visitation.

Hurghada vacations can also serve as a wonderful introduction to scuba diving or snorkeling, with many companies certifying novice divers or teaching them how to snorkel in the shallow waters of the many small beaches and bays. For those who have no interest in swimming with the native fish, there are popular glass-bottomed boats which allow guests to view the remarkable coral and sea life from the dry deck above.

Most Hurghada vacations will require local accommodation, and as stated earlier the town is amply supplied with an excellent variety for guests to choose from. The modern part of the town, called Sekalla, is where most of the newer structures are located, and many are built in an interconnected fashion that will allow a visitor to travel from one hotel or resort to another simply by passing through a lovely garden or along a well-made path.

Hurghada vacations are becoming increasingly popular with visitors from around the world; they provide a view of Egypt which is not typical of the common perception of the ancient land. This modernized town allows easy access to such places as Cairo and Luxor, but also provides opportunities unavailable elsewhere in the country.

Amar Mahallati