I am going on a 3 month trip to South East Asia in September,with the intention of mostly Scuba Diving–particularly Indonesia.The few quotes I can get (age) are expensive,and often have huge restrictions on diving depths,etc. Anyone got any ideas? Have travelled extensively but usually without insurance–must be getting responsible in my old age!!

Most "regular" insurance considers scuba diving an extreme sport. Couple that with your age and you will get some outrageous quotes.

First, if you currently have health insurance, determine how it works outside of the US. Some policies are better than others. Either way you need to know what your current policy covers.

Second, look into regular travel insurance. This is great for lost luggage, missed flights, hotel overbooking, and stuff like that.

Third, look into scuba diving insurance. I highly recommend DAN (Divers Alert Network). It is a secondary insurance meaning it kicks in after your primary health care is used. Since most health insurance won’t cover scuba diving, it kicks in quickly. DAN insurance costs like $25 per year to become a member, and then $75 per year for the premium coverage. The premium coverage will cover more than just scuba diving related things. For $100 total dollars you can argue the coverage. DAN is also recognized worldwide. I haven’t had to use my coverage, but I have called the help line a few times with questions.


Back to the original question, most underwriters have no clue about scuba diving and they will cover their bases with high quotes. DAN has researched diving and diving related medicine for a while. They also realize that scuba diving is relatively safe.