Malta is an island nation located in Southern Europe, in the Mediterranean Sea, consists of seven islands. Among these islands, Gozo is one of the more popular in the archipelago because the surrounding bodies of water is considers as one of the best diving spots in the whole world. There are several diving areas in Malta and Gozo and can cater to both novice and experienced divers. Because of its location and climate, the underwater environment of the Mediterranean Sea is perfect for coral growth.

The archipelago of Malta has a climate that consists practically of two seasons: mild winters, which is more like tropical rainy season and hot and dry summers. The most recommended months to visit Malta and Gozo for scuba diving are the ones that are in between the rainy season and summer ? June or July. The last quarter of the year is also a good time to pay the Maltese archipelago a visit.

Scuba diving is one of the greatest pleasures in life, especially if you visit the various diving areas in Malta and Gozo. The crystal-clear water allows you to see nature?s beauty underwater to the fullest. The nutrient-rich waters in Malta and Gozo also give life to different species of aquatic flora and fauna; the sight of colourful coral reefs with fishes in different colours, shapes and sizes is something you would expect from a pretty postcard. These are some of the reasons why expert divers keep coming back to Malta and Gozo.

Of course, expert divers are not the only one that can enjoy the pristine waters of Malta and Gozo. Many diving areas are suitable for beginners to enjoy. As one would expect, there are many scuba diving instructors that provides tutorials and safety tips on novice divers. You may look online; there are various websites that offer scuba diving lessons and courses that can be finished for just a day or two.

The lessons can consist of classroom training and practice dives. During classroom training, students will be taught the basics of scuba diving and snorkelling through simulations in a controlled environment, like an indoor pool, and lectures. Once you have learned all you need in classroom training, you will now be sent to experience a taste of the real thing. This part of scuba training usually eats up the whole day, but it is well worth it. During the day, you will be allowed to dive at the depth of around 3 meters or so followed by a deeper dive later. The second dive will have you go underwater around eight meters deep. After you have graduated the course, you will be given a certificate: proof that you have the basic knowledge needed to go scuba diving in the waters of Malta and Gozo.

Some of the diving areas in Malta and Gozo are perfect for novice divers. These diving spots are not physically demanding and are not too deep for beginners, so you should try these out first before heading to deeper areas.

Gen Wright