im looking to go somewhere for a month in september as i have the whole month free. i thought about doing voluntary work in some hot tropical country, and i really like the idea of marine conservation, etc. im open to any ideas though and i would appreciate some help
many thanks 🙂

The Hawaiian Islands have a lot of on going conservation projects – and great diving. Fall is turtle nesting and hatching season (see link below) and September is International Reef Clean Up Month. You could work with a local dive center to coordinate their topside and/or underwater clean up efforts. Hawaii is especially in need of clean up assistance due to the huge population of tourists.

Lastly there’s a program called Coral Watch. You can do this just about anywhere (click link below to find a list of locations). On each dive you bring a card with you that has different colors on it. You position the card next to some coral and record what color you see. This information goes into a database used by marine scientists around the world to monitor coral health.