Could you recommend activities to do that are amazing/once in a lifetime/unforgettable.. you know the ones. My mind has gone blank.. I can only think of sky diving.. I want to travel the world so activities abroad will be great suggestions (like scuba diving on the great barrier reef etc) thanks alot.

Zip lining in Costa Rica
Naked Bungee Jumping in Australia (forgot who does it but Billy Connolly talked about it)
Scuba diving in Belize – Ambergris Caye and the Great Blue Hole
Swimming with the Great Whites (there are a number of places that do this from San Fransisco to South Africa)
Glacier Hiking – Alaska, Iceland
Mountain Climbing – Kilimanjaro, McKinley, Everest (depending on skill level)
Sky Diving in Las Vegas
White water rafting on the Amazon
Ski the Alps

So many…..