I want to learn how to scuba dive this summer, I’m studying Marine Biology and I want to go somewhere that I can scuba dive… If anyone knows of a good place I can get certified to scuba dive in open water? Please tell me the name, cost, requirements etc….

It doesn’t matter where, I’m willing to travel… Thanks.

If you’re going to be a marine biologist, money or travel is no issue, then learn to dive in an area that has a barrier reef system. You”ll find the largest variety of aquatic life on one.
Either Australia, with the world’s largest one or off Belize/Honduras for the world’s second largest one.
Cozumel and the Mayan Riviera is also a decent area to dive for sea life and coral, since it’s the northern extension of the reef off Belize/Honduras.
The Galapagos Islands, because of their unique geographical position that causes cold nutrient rich water to come up , also offer a lot of diverse life while not a barrier reef. It’s one big buffet table for critters from all over.

I see a lot of people promoting Hawaii. Yes, nice place to dive, but not nearly as nice as a living reef. A lot of the reef system there has been destroyed. There was only one, what I’d call a living reef easily accessible , easy to dive and that was Hanahuama Bay. That was back in 1992, who knows what it’s like now.