I live in Madrid and I don’t have much money. I want to find a location on the coast to which I can take the bus (and it won’t take more than 6 hours!) that has decent diving, and find a way to check it out and book it online. I haven’t had much luck by myself. Also, if the page/operation is only in Spanish, that’s fine. I’m nearly fluent. Some stipulations:

-I’m already a licensed diver, I don’t want a training course

-I do want to go out on a boat, and as I’m traveling alone it will have to be a guided dive or an operation where they can find me a partner.

-NOT more than 6 hrs (by bus) from Madrid

-NOT in one of the following cities: Barcelona, Malaga, Murcia, Alicante

So if you’ve gone diving here and know any operators, that would be fabulous! Or any site that is easy to navigate and let’s me check out an operation, that would be awesome too. Thanks!

Could these guys be of use to you? They’re in Fuengirola.


Also on the Costa del Sol, sorry–but I suspect this is where most of the diving centres in Spain are found, diving the Med.