The lucid, turquoise Caribbean Sea waters are inviting for any one who romances the idea of sailing or cruising! With an enchanting backdrop of scenic islands Caribbean seas offer ideal sailing prospects, especially with the easterly trade winds stroking your face while you cruise along!

Sailing is a fantastic sport for anyone and really gives you the opportunity to appreciate the fantastic beauties of the world’s oceans, and there is no body of water more beautiful that the Caribbean Sea. With its coral reefs, beautiful tropical fish, its clear blue skies, its beautiful horizon and still with the fantastic view of the white, sandy Caribbean beaches which would take the breath away of any onlooker. When it comes to sailing, the Caribbean is surely the one and only place to go.

The Caribbean offers some of the most thrilling sailing destinations. And any ‘sailing trip’ without a visit to the British Virgin Islands would indeed be incomplete. The clear, blue waters are perfect for sailing coupled with other water sport activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, or just basking on the beach in the burning Caribbean sun.

And surprisingly these islands are only a small part of the thousands of inviting sailing destinations in the Caribbean. St. Martin is perhaps the best recognized place to go to after your first or second yacht charter. From there, one can sail to the island paradises of Saint Barth and Anguilla. Anguilla is renowned for its beautiful beaches and is a fantastic island to take a day trip to, or indeed to spend an entire week or two weeks at.

All the night creatures can look forward to Antigua and Barbuda (also fantastic islands with beautiful sandy beaches and excellent potential for activities, such as water sports and absorbing the culture of the islands) that offer a vivacious nightlife. One can also sail to Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines. Travel around the infrequently visited coves and bays and bask in the natural bounty.

You will certainly feel reinvigorated while sailing through these places. It would perhaps also be wise to stay a night or two on each island so you can truly absorb the culture in the morning, the day during Carnival time and the evening so you can experience the night life. Staying on these islands really can be a life changing experience.

One can contact a travel agent or a first class yacht & sailing company in the Caribbean and book his trip! One can conveniently do these reservations online as well!

I’m sure if you talked to anyone who has previously been on a Caribbean sailing vacation that they would have sincerely loved their trip. Search around for the best prices and you could have one of the most wonderful vacations at a price you can easily afford.

James Penn