Florida, here we comeee!!! Florida can be a great choice when planning for vacation. Once your family ascertained to go on a whole week vacation in Florida; you can be greatly excited. But you’ll think of possible ways to have a grand vacation that is very enjoyable and memorable. What should you do? Here are some ideas you can choose from:

If you are ready for a day trip…

1. Try the whammy theme parks and zoos. If your kids are thrill seekers and would like to engage in some breathtaking rides; let them enjoy Disney land and other parks. Your kids may also want to see some wildlife and other sea creatures available in some of the Florida’s zoos.

2. Your family can visit museums. Over the years, Florida has evolved to a beautiful and rich state everyone looks forward to. Florida’s rich culture is displayed in interactive museums. You can learn a lot from their art and history.

3. Try to catch some sun rays! Try the beautiful beaches! If the vacation is set on a summer, it is better to visit beaches; aside from swimming, shelling is an enjoyable activity your kids will enjoy. Older family members can try snorkeling over natural coral reefs. They can also try the exciting “snuba”, an innovative scuba diving 20 ft without gears.

3. If you want to stay out of the UV sun rays, pools are also available in certain coasts. There are pool activities for the family. Toddlers can also enjoy the shallow lagoons where fishes are stacked.

4. Try the water parks! There are certain adventurous activities such as inline skating, waterskiing and wakeboarding. All members of the family can enjoy their chosen activity.

5. Go on a cruise. There are various day cruises with different themes; one example is the casino cruise. These cruises depart from ports all throughout the different Florida states.

6. You may also want to spend the whole day visiting Florida attractions. There are numerous and great attractions that can fill your schedule for one whole day.

7. Whether you love arts and crafts, special foods or entertainment, you can dwell on a day of festive and merry making. There are great events in Florida to enjoy!

8. A nature lover? You can go camping with your family or you can stroll through the beautiful gardens of Florida where abundant foliage are known.

10. Into the forest! You and your kids can enjoy kayaking into mangrove forests in search for hawks and turtles. You can also bike and jog all you want.

11. Boating. Another excellent idea is renting a boat; choose among those banana boats, body boards or inner tube. You can also go fishing and parasailing.

12. Shopping! Everybody loves shopping! There are a lot of flea markets and malls where you can shop til the day drop. Souvenirs and other collectible items are available at affordable prices.

If you want a night out…

1. Island hopping is a good option. Visit the beautiful islands and get involved in varieties of indulging activities. There are stage plays to watch and enjoy.

2. Take a tour to different hotels and try the different cuisines. Beautiful hotels abound the state and there are delicious sea foods that are served to delight you. Aside from restaurants, you can enjoy the different bars in the area. Bars have different types of music to soothe you. There are high powered rock bands and acoustic performances. There are also karaoke bars where you can sing your heart out.

3. For you and your spouse, try the romantic dinner on the cruise. Revive your intimacy while enjoying the sights from different states of Florida.

Aside from the above mentioned ideas for your family, there are certain places that can be sources of recreation like Eco-tours consisting of saltwater estuaries, wildlife refuges, and marshes. Your family can also learn by attending environmental awareness program or marine education. Kids can also watch the Dolphin shows and visit wild animals at the Shell Safari.

Florida can be a great hideout for your relaxation whether on a cold winter or a hot summer. Being with your family is an added salvo for this vacation. Enjoyment is the key to any planned vacations, so pack up and set off for this once in a lifetime vacation of your life!

Nathalie Fiset