We have been to Cancun and the Grand Caymans. Will Cozumel be good? I read that the hurricanes have really messed up the reefs and diving is not enjoyable. True?

You will have a great time diving in Cozumel. I was in Cozumel in April and then back in late August. The shallow reefs that are used for snorkeling mostly are a bit messed up, but the deeper reefs are just fine. The main problem we had in August was visibility, but our trip was scheduled a week after the hurricane hit Costa Maya and the water was still churned up. After the first 3 days the vis was back to normal. I’m form Houston and the airplane trip is only about two hours, so my wife and I frequently take trips to Cozumel to dive. I highly recommend you dive a Cenote while your in the area, as well.