If you are a beach lover who enjoys sunbathing, getting a tan, and listening to the waves, you will definitely have fun during your Caribbean vacation.  You not only get to do the things that you love, you can also appreciate the white sand of the Caribbean Island beaches. 

If you are the adventurous type who enjoys such water sports as surfing, you may want to check out the islands that are situated in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.  The waters in these areas are noted for the waves, which never fail to give most surfers the high or challenge that they are looking for.

If you are the type who prefers to appreciate the different creatures underwater, then you will definitely enjoy the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea. 

If these activities are not what you have in mind, there are still many water activities that you can do during your Caribbean vacation.   These include dolphin watching (and you may even swim with the dolphins if you want!), windsurfing, and sailing.

Two of the most popular tourist destinations for Caribbean vacations are the islands of Jamaica and Barbados.  But a lesser known island located near the Leeward Islands, Antique, is slowly starting to become a favorite among tourists.  

What most tourists love about Antigua are the beaches.  It is said the island has 365 beaches, though this information is still subject to debate.  Whether the island truly has 365 beaches or not, it still has more than enough beaches to satisfy the picky tourist.   Some of the most notable beaches include Dickenson Bay, Half Moon Bay, Long Bay, and Rendezvous Beach.   Food and lodgings are not a problem as there are several hotels and restaurants located on and near the beaches.    You may even come across some offices that offer and organize cruises (boat and catamaran) and trips (scuba diving and snorkeling). 

Aside from the beaches, you can also enjoy other places in Antigua such as Nelson’s Dockyard and Long Street in St. John’s town.  Nelson’s Dockyard was once bustling with activity.  At present, it is considered a living museum.   You can find several old buildings at Long Street in St John’s town.  You can also sample West Indian cuisine at the restaurants located in the same street.