Have you tried it ?? is it fun I want to try it out … but I want to see if it’s interesting ..


Yes! Like Kenny said, you should not let your life pass by without either scuba diving or snorkeling. It’s indescribable the feeling of being a coral reef, the explosion of colors you’ll find on the fish, the beauty of the corals that come in all shapes and sizes. It’s like being in a dream, a good one. However BEFORE you go scuba diving in open water, get some scuba lessons, you need to know how to read your oxygen tank, what speed you need to be swimming when re-surfacing (if you go to fast you can get what is known as the Bends) which is extremely painful! Also you need to know what to do if, yours or someone else’s tank isn’t working basically how to share one, and you need to feel comfortable with in the water with, the gear on. So if you want to go scuba diving please, please get lessons, I know some people who have gone diving without any training and they do just fine, but that’s because nothing ever went wrong.