We will have three days to dive and will be arriving in Honolulu. We will travel to another island if the diving is better.

Need to know the best dive sites and if possible the name of a good scuba shop and place to stay.

Raintree at Kona Reef

Kona Reef Resort is what Hawaiian vacations are all about–a luxurious, ocean-side setting with the finest weather of all the islands; close to sports activities, unique history, and great shopping; one of the best luaus in the islands; and other adventures for the entire family.
Directions Nearest airport: Keahole-Kona airport (8 miles)

-From the airport, turn right onto Highway 19.
-Proceed 6 miles to PalaniRoad.
-Turn right at Palani Road.
-Drive along Palani Road, through the traffic light.
-Palani Road becomes Alii Drive as it winds left.
-As the road turns into Alli Drive, Kona Reef is exactly 1 mile away on the right side of Alii Drive.
-KonaReef has a blue tile roof.

Scuba Diving
Shopping Area
Snack Bar
Water Skiing
Wind Surfing
Auto Rental
Child Care
Medical Facilities