The reason I wonder is my Mom and Dad went to Florida for a vacation and decided to get scuba diving certified there. On their last day and dive to get certified, in the Atlantic Ocean my mom was under about 50 feet of water with everyone else. Then my mom became unresponsive. Now I’m waiting for my Dad to fly back from Florida to bring my Mom back after the medical examiner does what they have to do. This was just yesterday when my Mom died, and I feel devastated. Although I’m a guy and am not good at sharing emotions, I’ve been crying since.

Before my parents flew out there, I took a scuba diving lesson class with my mom from PADI in a swimming pool, and I really enjoyed it and really wanted to try it again. However, now I feel so devastated with the big loss.

I don’t know how common it is for that to happen during actual scuba diving lessons?

The reason I ask is I feel so so depressed and wanted to know how common it is during actual lessons.

It is very rare for anyone to even be injured during a scuba diving course, much less a fatality. As long as the student is in good health and follows the rules they learn during class, scuba is a fairly low-risk activity. The medical history form that every potential student fills out prior to starting the in-water portion of scuba training is intended to identify those people with medical conditions that make scuba especially risky for them and to filter them out if a medical professional deems the risk unacceptably high.

Unfortunately the risks of scuba diving can only be reduced to a manageable level through health, fitness and training, they can never be eliminated completely.

I’m sorry for your loss.