Malta and Gozo iare sister islands located in the southern part of Europe and almost in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Gozo is one of the islands that make up the Maltese archipelago. Many people visit that archipelago to enjoy the sights of medieval and ancient structures still standing all over Malta, take a dip in one of many sandy beaches with clear waters or go scuba diving and snorkelling. Before heading out to the Maltese islands, there are a few things you need to remember to make sure your trip will be as hassle free as possible.


It is possible to get rent cars in Malta and Gozo, however you will be driving to British convention. This means that the cars steering wheel is located on the right and you will need to keep left on the road. There are public vehicles you can take like the bus, but you have to check its schedule. The people of Malta and Gozo are also very friendly; you can try hitchhiking to get around town.

You can also ride the ferry to get across the different islands of Malta. The ferry departs the harbour every 45 minutes and is usually free if you are going from Malta to another island, though you will be charged for riding the ferry back to Malta.


The Maltese cuisine is influenced by its neighbour Italy, particularly Sicily. The local dishes in Malta also tell something about the history of the archipelago having been influenced by British, Moorish and Spanish cuisine.

Gozo is called the breadbasket of Malta because of its fertile soils therefore, you can be guaranteed that the ingredients in the food you eat in Gozo are fresh. One food you should try when you are in Gozo is the Gbejniet, a local cheese. It is delicious when eaten fresh or cured with vinegar and pepper.


Maltese is the national language spoken in the island nation but there are different dialects spoken in each region. The younger generation also speak and understand Italian. Of course, being a visitor you are not expected to know Maltese but take comfort in the fact that English is the second language of Malta. You will do fine in English but try using a little Maltese, like common phrases and questions; it will be appreciated by the locals.


As of January 1, 2008, the Euro is now the national currency of Malta and since February 2008, hotels, stores and other major establishments will no longer accept Lira. You should exchange whatever currency you bring in to Euro once you get to Malta or Gozo.

Other Tips

If you visit the Maltese islands during the summer, be prepared to a hot and dry vacation. The temperature may rise to 36 to 38 degrees Celsius on summer times so if you are not used to the heat, you might feel a dehydrated and easily fatigued. Make sure you wear light clothing and always keep yourself hydrated.

Generally, Malta and Gozo are safe and peaceful. The crime rate is pretty low and there are few disturbances in the peace but you still have to be careful of thieves, especially if you are in the beach.

Gen Wright