I’m going on vacation to Bermuda and want to go scuba diving. Which class would i need to take to be able to go scuba diving? they offer PADI courses for adults:
Discover Scuba Diving
Scuba Diver
and Open Water Diver
which one would I do?

Reconsider your PADI choice. There are other certifying agencies out there. Most of the certifying agencies, PADI, NAUI, etc, train divers to be "buddy dependent". ANDI training is more in depth, and trains you to be "self reliant".

For example, you and your buddy are diving and you run low on air. So, you’re a new diver and you weren’t watching your air pressure gauge. You go to your buddy to "share air". But, your buddy was diving as deep and as long as you! So, he’s low on air, too! This scenario assumes that you could actually FIND your buddy.

ANDI teaches you to carry a "pony" tank. This extra tank is a completely separate air source with its own regulator system. If you run low on air, you switch to your pony, find your buddy and call the dive. You and your buddy surface safe and sound.

ANDI is internationally recognized and costs no more than getting certified through the other agencies.