I’m 15 and would LOVE to dive along reefs. I have a few questions~
1- Do you have to take a course to scuba dive? Is it as ‘slow’ as driving lessons? I have an extremely strong period each month… and pills don’t have any effect. So, when the time came that I’d have to dive in the school, would I just have to suffer through it? Please explain the course I’d have to take.
2- How much does the course cost?
3- How much does the equipment cost, and how do you know what equipment is best?
4- I want to be able to just vacation to Australia and dive whenever I want to. I don’t want to dive alone… but also don’t want to go in a huge group?
5- How cold is the water?
6- Should I get my muscles up before attempting to dive?

1. It’s essential that you take a course to become qualified so that you know what you’re doing when you’re diving. Otherwise you could end up with a serious health situation. You could simply stop your course during your period. The course you take will depend on which organization teaches you, but should include classes to explain the theories relating to gases and their changes with depth and pressure as well as practicing various things in and under the water to ensure your safety.
2. Costs will vary depending on the provider. If the course is a short one, you’re likely to have to pay a lot more than one which is done over several weeks
3. Equipment can be quite expensive, but could be purchased over time.
4. I’m pleased that you realize the risks in diving alone. Huge groups would be a no-no for me too,but you’d be able to find a small group to go with.
5. The water temperature will vary according to where you want to dive and the season.
6. You don’t need to do any ‘muscle-building’ for scuba diving. All you need is to be a competent swimmer.
Good luck and enjoy!