We’re going to Oahu and renting a vacation home on Wailua beach for a week.Is it a bad choice place since it cheaper than the other places in Waikiki or even Kailua? We have kids from 5 years old to teenagers, will it be difficult to get to Waikiki with time consuming and parking cost. Kids will like to do a lot of water activities like snorkles…Scuba Diving…. and we also want to go to Polynesian Culture, Pearl Harbor, Submarine, Paradise Luau….trying to get all of the Oahu highlights in one week. My question is vacation home on Wailua beach is good or no good?

I think its a great idea…but you are going to be around 40 minutes (without traffic) to Waikiki…..there is plenty of water things to do in the No. Shore…as far as surfing it is pretty flat now that its s Summer…but Suzy’s school of Surfing is in Haleiwa for lessons if the need them…you will definitely need a mini van for all of you to travel in…price wise.. it is probably cheaper for that many people to rent a house than stay in an hotel for a week.. since you do have the option of cooking. Polynesian Cultural Center will be an all day adventure..but expensive! Waikiki will be another all day.. pack up towels and sunscreen…..As far as a Luau, you can do that at Cultural Center You didn’t say when you were going?