For your next vacation, imagine flying into Cancun airport. After gathering your bags and taking your first few breaths of fresh Caribbean air, hail a taxi and, with a hint of pride in your voice, tell him to take you to Akumal. That’s right, instead of heading to the mother of all Mexican tourist destinations, you’ll be heading south to a quieter but no less lovely locale. You’ve decided to things differently, and that’s a very good thing.

Akumal is on the Yucatan peninsula and is home to charming bays, ample diving, fishing, and exploring opportunities, and an array of incredible vacation rentals. One of these will provide you and your traveling companions with the ideal home base for your relaxing getaway, which is likely to end up ranking near the top of your all-time list of favorites. Escaping the crowds as well as the standard hotel arrangement will turn out to be the smartest decisions you’ve ever made.

Somewhere between Akumal Bay and Yal-ku Lagoon sits an attractive condo brimming with possibilities. The quiet road on Half Moon Bay overlooks the sea and a white sandy beach, and the people who have discovered this perch tend to keep their treasure to themselves. Luckily you glimpsed the gorgeous scene for yourself online and reserved one of the most appealing properties to be had. The place you’ll be calling home for the next few days is filled with light and seems to welcome the warm breezes and sunshine with open arms. High ceilings and a spacious patio continue to keep claustrophobia at bay, as do the ample bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces.

Unlike boxy rooms you’ve previously stayed in, this set-up has it all. A kitchen fit for fixing meals and keeping snacks on hand, wireless internet access, an outdoor shower for rinsing off the day’s beachy residue, and all the towels, linens and basic soaps and shampoos that you’ll need. Several stores nearby plus a perfect snorkeling cove just a few steps away will make driving around unnecessary, and you’ll probably end up going shoe-less for days at a time. This is something that many high-heeled and be-suited office dwellers aspire to, so be sure to take full advantage.

A quick stroll will take you to the kinds of activities that will engage and relax you in that sun-dappled, eye-popping, smile-inducing way. Underwater cave exploring, scuba diving, turtle spying and jungle hiking are just a few, and short day trip will lead you through Mayan ruins as well as a biosphere and several parks. Souvenir shopping and sightseeing at some of the more popular places (Cozumel, etc…) will be worth the trip just to better appreciate your own peaceful situation in Akumal.

Returning to your vacation rental each day will be a pleasure. Unlocking to door to a roomy, homey casita will never cease to bring you joy. The good vibes will stem from the fact that everyone in your group is having a great time and won’t have to pile into a sardine can, and from a few other sources as well. Many of these properties have been the site of family reunions, romantic interludes, and weddings and commitment ceremonies; thus, love is quite literally in the air. Bring your beloved person or people and continue the tradition of good times and fond memory-making.

Some may think that renting a villa on the Mayan Riviera is probably too expensive for “normal” vacationers, but this is hardly the case. Factor in all that you receive in the vacation rental package, divide it by the number of people who will be coming along, and think about what this trip will add to the quality of everyone’s overall well-being, and you’ll come up with numbers that are more than reasonable. Plus, there are special deals from time to time, so if you start planning early and get yourself acquainted with how things work, you’re likely to uncover a true bargain.

Go online to seek out the Akumal Vacation Rental that will make your upcoming trip to Mexico complete. You’re sure to enjoy both the preparation process and the fulfillment of your well-deserved holiday, so take the first step today.

Caitlin Moore