Looking to get certified in Scuba diving on our vacation but don’t want to take 5, 8 hour courses. I heard that there are courses that you can get certified in 3 days. What Caribbean Island do we go too???

Why don’t you do the bulk of your course at home during the evenings ( takes a week) at a PADI dive shop? That’s the academics,swim assessments, pool dives and exam.Then if you’re doing it at a PADI shop, transfer the course to your destination. You then do your certifiying open water dives ( two of them) and you’re done. The advantages here are numerous.
1/ You keep the bulk of your course fees in your own country. That keeps your neighbors employed.
2/ You’re learning from someone who speaks your language like a native…since they are. No confusing accents and everything is completely understandable.
3/ Your first day at the resort isn’t in class. You’re done all that already. Instead…you’ll do your two dives and be certified in under 2 hours…not 3 days of your vacation. Isn’t that exactly what you want to do? Maximize your dive time while you can at the resort?
As for what Island you want to go to…think about what you’d like to do and see. Dive shops are a dime a dozen on any Carib Island. You’ll find a PADI shop on any of them. They will all honour an open water cert referral that you arrange with your local shop.